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Kings Cross Distillery, the esteemed craft distillery renowned for its exceptional international award winning spirits, gourmet kitchen, cocktail and wine bar is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest creations - "Minerva Warrior Strength Gin” and “Minerva Wise Cut Gin”....CRAFTED FOR THE BOLD. SAVOURED BY THE WISE.


Both inspired by the Roman Goddess of arts, crafts, medicine, wisdom and war and the iconic Minerva Theatre, this exquisitely crafted gin is set to dazzle palates and spirits enthusiasts alike.

The Minerva Gins are a testament to the distillery's dedication to excellence and its commitment to crafting premium, innovative spirits that celebrate both local history and choice of botanicals that relate to the story behind their gins. These unique gins pay homage to botanicals used in traditional medicine that evoked wisdom and courage, and the Minerva Theatre, an architectural gem nestled in the heart of the Potts Point Kings Cross Precinct.

"We are delighted to introduce the Minerva Gins, a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. Drawing inspiration from Minerva, the goddess of wisdom, war, medicine and arts, and the enchanting Minerva Theatre, we have meticulously crafted two gins,  that embody courage and wisdom, and the spirit of the goddess Minerva," said Odelia Potts, the Head Distiller and Gin Architect at Kings Cross Distillery.

In 1939, the Minerva Theatre revealed its Art Deco Streamline Moderne style architecture and opened its doors to the stunning 1000 seat theatre with superb decorative features on its interior.  It became a cultural entertainment hub, contributing to Kings Cross gaining its reputation of modern and cosmopolitan living and a destination to visit cafes, restaurants, saloons, cabaret shows and theatre productions.  

The Minerva Wise Cut Gin (45%ABV) has chamomile and sage, that in traditional medicine evokes wisdom and combined with other gin botanicals, has resulted in a delicate juniper perfume, efflorescent citrus and sweet vanilla undertones, with a refreshing finish of Native Australian Rivermint.  Perfect for your fresh G&Ts or Martinis.   

The Minerva Warrior Strength Gin (59%ABV) has lemon thyme and fennel, that in traditional medicine evokes courage and combined with classic gin botanicals, has resulted in an elegant juniper aroma, a complex bouquet of citrus and warming spice. Magnificent in a negroni or a bold G&T.

The bottle's label features an elegant silhouette of the goddess Minerva holding an owl, symbolic of wisdom amongst other details representative of her, standing in front of the grand facade of the Minerva Theatre, capturing the spirit of the beloved cultural landmark.  The Minerva Wise Cut Gin Theatre is coloured in the bright colours of a Sydney Sunset and the Warrior Strength is coloured in the dark purple blues of juniper berries that turn into black (like the night) and the popular greens of the art deco period, that can be seen when you walk around the Potts Point Kings Cross area.

"The Minerva Gins not only offer a tantalising taste experience but also serves as an artful addition to any collection. The bottle is a work of art, a celebration of Potts Point’s vibrant cultural heritage," added Khare Aoun, Director of Kings Cross Distillery.


With Christmas just around the corner, the Minerva Gins make for an ideal gift for people that appreciate a sustainably made, premium, locally made spirit as well as wine and gin connoisseurs, theatre enthusiasts and for a person who would appreciate something different.

Minerva Gins can be purchased at Distillery Cellar Door, online or at any stockists listed on Kings Cross Distillery's website.

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