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The Garden Island Navy Strength Gin, Arriving Soon!

Garden Island has been central to Australia’s maritime history since 1788 when it became a kitchen-garden for the officers and crew of the First Fleet’s HMS Sirius. In the first half of the 19th century it was an extension of The Domain, and a popular picnic destination. It was set aside for the navy in 1851.  Since the period surrounding WW1, it has functioned as the major fleet base of the Australian Navy. In 1945 the island was joined to the Potts Point mainland.


This gin is a traditional navy-strength gin using a herb and botanical mix evocative of the Seven Seas. It pays homage to the association of gunpowder and overproof gin, with our cheeky use of gunpowder tea.  You will also discover grassy garden and floral essences over the juniper and Australian myrtles. Like the navy, this gin has travelled the high seas.


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