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Kings Cross Distillery (KXD) takes every possible preventative measure to ensure that guests, staff and suppliers are protected from potential transmission of COVID-19.


The Overarching Principle

All possible preventative measures are taken to ensure no transmission of the COVID-19 virus from Staff to/from Guest, Guest to Guest, Staff to Staff, and Contractor/Supplier to/from Staff.


The Overarching Assumption

To ensure maximum precautions are always taken, presume all persons are asymptomatic with the COVID-19 virus at all times.




  • For each shift, a trained COVID-SAFE Marshal is appointed for both Front of House (FOH) and Back of House (BOH) to oversee and enforce all KXD COVID-Safe House Policies


  • Daily reporting and recording of staff attendance, staff temperatures, guest contact details and attendance, cleaning checks, visitor register

  • Daily reports and records to ne kept on file for a minimum of 28 days


  • It is mandatory for all staff to complete the NSW Food Authority-COVID Awareness Certification as part of their induction and orientation training

  • All staff to complete KXD COVID-Safe House Policy Training before commencing their first shift back to work

  • Refresher KXD COVID-Safe House Policy Training to be completed at least once each month

  • Regular monitoring of Australian Government Health websites to ensure the latest advice is taken into consideration


  • Touchless sanitizer dispensers installed at restaurant entry and exit (from September 2020) - the venue opening to the public from 1st October 2020 - in each bathroom cubicle (from November 2020), other sanitizer dispensers on each table and bar service, in each bathroom, and in staff work areas.

  • Hand washing facilities readily available within guest bathrooms, staff bathrooms and staff work areas

  • Food menus are single use, or laminated and sanitized after each use

  • Bar, wine, spirit tasting and food menus are sanitized after each use, menus available on cellular phones via our website

  • Single use linen napkins and disposable single use paper napkins, and paper hand towels in bathrooms

  • All staff to wash and sanitize hands prior to clocking in/out for all shifts and breaks and anytime after they have touched a hard surface or engaged in acts of cleaning

  • All staff to wash and sanitize hands before and after eating, sneezing, coughing, handling rubbish, handling guest stemware or flatware, cutlery, cash handling, or receiving/delivering of goods

  • Where possible, all staff to wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds every 30 minutes

  • All staff to avoid skin-to-skin contact with guests and other staff, for example, no hand-shakes or kissing

  • All staff to observe 1.5m social distancing whenever possible


  • Ensure the premises is sufficient to allow for 4sqm of space for each person, including staff. 2sqm for guests and staff in outdoor areas (as from 16th October, 2020)

  • Where possible, a distance of 1.5m required between bookings/tables, measured from the middle of each chair

  • Maximum of 10 guests (including children) per table

  • Table service only – no standing or bar service



Daily professional cleaning of the bar and restaurant in its entirety

Ongoing cleaning during the venue service periods

  • Staff and guest bathrooms – at 60 minute intervals – sanitizing all surfaces

  • High touch areas – at 60 minute intervals – sanitizing of all surfaces, ie door handles, hand rails, bar and shelving surfaces, seats and lounges

  • Tables and chairs – sanitize after each guest seating

  • Table condiments – which are only by request – sanitized or disposed of after each use

  • EFTPOS Terminals, staff tablets and touch screens and phones – sanitize after each use


Commercial dish and glass washers – wash cycle set to a minimum of 68-86 degrees Celsius, sanitizing after 82 degrees


Detergents, sanitizing, disinfectants are not diluted ever



  • Online, and electronic payments only are excepted

  • Cash transactions – avoid where possible



  • KXD COVID-Safe House Policy 

  • Hand washing and sanitizing instructions

  • Social distancing instructions

  • COVID-19 Symptoms

  • Conditions of Entry information

  • COVID-Safe Registered Workplace and Venue

  • Stop the Spread


Entry denied if KXD COVID-19 symptoms are evident of if the following conditions are not met


  • Confidential contact detail collection for ALL guests required upon entry (retained for not less than 28 days)

  • All walk-in guests to provide host name, mobile number and email address, recorded in reservations system or via QR registration


  • Staff are to stay home if they are sick or have symptoms and should go home if they become unwell

  • Staff are encouraged to download the COVID Apps

  • Staff are made aware of their leave entitlements in case they need to stay home, self-isolate, or similar with respect to COVID-Safe policy

  • All staff to have temperature checked prior to starting shift (by COVID-Safe Marshal)

Delivery Drivers/ Sales Reps/ Trades people / Contractors

  • All non-staff/guest visitors who enter the premises to provide name and contact details, plus in and out time via QR registration



Where possible, staff roles will be allocated to prevent cross contamination, defined as either Pre-Guest or Post-Guest tasks



All activity prior to guest touching an item ie. Untouched stemware, cutlery, food, menus


Pre-Guest duties include:

  • Meet, greet and seat guests

  • Menu ordering

  • Delivery of food and beverage

  • Unstack dish and glass washer



All activity after a guest touches an item ie. Used stemware, plates, cutlery, menus

Post-Guest duties include:

  • Clearing tables

  • Stack dish washer or glass washer

  • EFTPOS payments

  • Cash transactions

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